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Omega3 & Omega7

Omega-3 Meganol

Meganol® Omega-3 oils are ultrapure sources of the EPA and DHA. The raw materials used to produce Meganol oils are harvested mainly in the pristine waters off the coast of such as Chile, Peru and so on. All raw materials are tested in accordance with the standards set by the National Fisheries Health Service of each country and our stringent quality assurance program before they are accepted for processing.

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Main component

The main components of Omega-3 are EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA(docosahexaenoic acid). EPA and DHA are unsaturated fatty acids that must be taken because they are not sufficiently synthesized in the body themselves.

DHA has significant beneficial effects for the formation of brain and nerve tissues; in particular DHA is an important constituent of the retina in the eye, making up 40% of total retinal lipid.

EPA has a role in increasing blood flow & circulation, improving neutral lipids, reducing inflammation, and strengthening immune system.

The main component of Omega-7 is Palmitoleic Acids. We supply a product by controlling Palmitoleic acid to more than 50% and Palmitic acid(The Toxic Saturate) to less than 1%.