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팝업레이어 알림

Meganol-E,D, ED

Product Product Code Specification
E92D00 EE/TG(EPA92%, DHA FREE) EPA900mg/g
E90D00 EE/TG(EPA90%, DHA FREE) EPA880mg/g
E70D00 EE/TG(EPA70%, DHA FREE) EPA670mg/g
Product Product Code Specification
DHA85 EE/TG(EPA UNDER 5% OR FREE, DHA85%)780mg/g
DHA80 EE/TG(EPA UNDER 5% OR FREE, DHA80%) 730mg/g
DHA75 EE/TG(EPA UNDER 5% OR FREE, DHA75%) 680mg/g
DHA70 EE/TG(EPA UNDER 5% OR FREE, DHA70%) 630mg/g
Product Product Code Specification
E10D70 EE/TG(EPA 10%, DHA 70%) EPA 70mg/g DHA630mg/g
E45D35 EE/TG(EPA 45%, DHA 35%) EPA 400mg/g DHA300mg/g
E60D15 EE/TG(EPA 60%, DHA 15%) EPA 560mg/g DHA80mg/g
E600D200 EE/TG( EPA600mg/g DHA 200mg/g)